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I was wrapping up version of of my priority API projects which included city and federal government, education, universities and healthcare. There are other priorities that are on my list, but this represented version 1. Until I remembered libraries...

Libraries are doing some amazing things with APIs, and if I have any hope for any group to truly wield APIs in the most sensible way, it would be librarians.

With this in mind I had to launch a project for tracking on libraries and APIs. They were already popping up on my monitoring radar, and understanding how libraries are putting digital technology to use, is somethign I'm passionate about.

Right now I've identified a handful of libraries who look like they have interesting approaches to using APIs, and a couple of library services I will be investigating further.

If you know of anything I've missed, please educate me. I will keep publishing news, analysis, libraries, library services and any other relevant resources here for our use.

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